The Solution

A digital agricultural platform for the secure and transparent trading of agricultural products and ancillary services, underpinned by an app, to deliver value straight to farming communities across Ireland.


Digital auctions and secure payments


agricultural products services and equipment


Directory of farming services


AIMS compliance

Getting Started

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All you need to do to set up your Trade2Farm account is use your email address and set up a password. We will verify your account and then you’re good to go to start buying or selling agricultural products.

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Scan the QR code or click on the link to download the app, or go to Web app.


How It Works

  • Sellers
  • Buyers
View Insights & Trends
Before creating your ad you can check the latest prices and trends as a benchmark for your own agricultural products.
Create Advert
Upload photos, videos, set the reserve price and input all the information about the agricultural products, including tag numbers for compliance.
Add Bank & Review
Link your bank account for seamless and secure payments before reviewing all the details and posting your advert.
Monitor & Sell
Get regular updates on the progress of your advert. Once the reserve has been met, complete the deal and receive payment directly.
Choose Interests
You can personalise T2F to see only what interests you. Get alerts when new adverts are posted.
Browse, search or filter adverts by type, location, price and more.
Place Bid
Check the reserve and current bid on the advert. Then seamlessly and securely place your own bid.
Compliance & Haulage
Agree the sale and avail of a 24-hour cooling off period. All compliance is handled and you can also book haulage through the platform.

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